About Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda is the only Science that is written with inherent can changeable principles of nature.

  • It fast teaches us how to live long & healthy (both mentally & physical) lIFE, fearlessly and then if we get diseased or ill due to overlook our mistakes, it gives remedies for it.

  • Ayurvedic treatment mainly comprises of powders, decoction medicated oils, etc., prepared from natural plants and minerals which have no side effects and there may be some side benefits.

Meet Vaidya

Vaidya Aditya Parekh

Ayushkamiya ayurvedic consultancy was founded by vaidya aditya parekh in the year 2009. vaidya aditya parekh completed his ayurved studies from the very renowned institute, akhandanand ayurveda mahavidhyalay, ahmedabad than after he got a very precious opportunity to get furthure knowledge of ayurveda from great great late shree bhaskar hardikarji vaidyaraj, ahmedabad.

Available time at clinic : Mon - Sat09:30am to 08:00pm